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BioDesign: U.S. Version

BioDesign: U.S. Version

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In Attics and Closets, ‘Biohackers’ Prove the Spirit of Thomas Edison Endures

BacteriaLate one night in 1867 a young man worked after-hours on his own project in a Western Union office in Louisville, Kentucky. The precocious and untrained 20 year-old was experimenting with battery components when he accidently spilled sulfuric acid on the floor, which proceeded to drip in between the wooden floorboards and onto his boss’s desk below. Continue reading

There IS Bad Design in Italy

coffee1Well, there’s not much, but if you find yourself in the international terminal in Milan’s airport in need of an espresso, you’re in for a headache because of poor design. The Caffe Tazza d’Oro emits enticing smells of freshly brewed Arabica and the sharp, violent sound of milk steaming but its seduction leads to a disappointment. In fact, you’re fortunate if you can obtain a drink at all via a system of purchase and pick-up that must have been dreamt up by bored comedians. Continue reading

Libeskind: An Architect Indeed

404px-daniel_libeskind1A verbose Daniel Libeskind spoke tonight at the Strand bookstore in New York to promote his new book Counterpoint.  The standing-room-only crowd was enamored of the charm, drive, and mostly canned wisdom that flooded the room in waves of anecdotes and rhetorical flourishes.  It was a good show, but odd that New Yorker critic Paul Goldberger didn’t attend as scheduled.  Libeskind bounced between many subjects and penetrating ideas, revealing the extraordinary agility of his mind, a penchant for music metaphors fired off in 16th notes, and a supernatural drive that is appropriate both to the profession and the city. Continue reading